Penne Lisce alla Mandracchio

This reinterpreted recipe was part of the tradition of those dedicated to harbour fishing: a small, sheltered port harbour, used to anchor small boats and home to numerous fish, including anchovies.
Penne Lisce
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Number of people:
Level of difficulty:
Required time:
Nutritional values
per serving prepared according to this recipe.

Energy value
549 Kcal
- Protein
37 g
- Carbohydrates
62 g
- Fat
15 g

350 g
Red onions
40 g
2 pieces
Fresh anchovies
Salted anchovies
Extra virgin olive oil
4 tablespoons
Cherry tomatoes
Parsley chopped
2 tablespoons
Dry white wine
1/2 glass
Chili pepper
as needed
as needed


De-bone and wash the fresh and the salted anchovies.
Cut the cherry tomatoes in half. Heat the oil in a pan, then gently brown the onion and chopped garlic. Remove the pan and let the fried mixture cool, then lay all the anchovies over the onions.
Put the pan back on the stove and cook on high for 1 minute, add the tomatoes and the wine, and continue cooking for 2 more minutes.
Cook the Barilla Penne Lisce in plenty of salted water, drain when still very al dente, and sauté them gently in the pan, ensuring that the anchovies are not broken up much. Finish off with the parsley and chopped chili pepper, then serve the pasta hot.

Chef's tips

Do not cook the parsley, or it will lose its luster and aroma: keep it green and tasty by adding it after the sauce is prepared, so that the parsely will be only slightly warmed. Fresh anchovies are highly perishable, and should therefore be bought fresh and used within one day at the latest.

Suggested wine

For this well-structured and flavourful dish with its slightly bitter, spicy and aromatic overtones, we recommend a mature, soft and full-bodied white wine with a good lingering taste, such as an Alto Adige Sauvignon or a Collio Pinot Grigio.

alternative shape

Penne Rigate Barilla 

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