Linguine Fini with Baby Squid


Baby squid are featured in this recipe from Calabria. Their meat is delicious, tender, and tasty.

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Number of people:
Level of difficulty:
Required time:
Nutritional values
per serving prepared according to this recipe.

Energy value
444 Kcal
- Protein
16 g
- Carbohydrates
68 g
- Fat
12 g

350 g
Fresh tomatoes
300 g
Baby squid
150 g
2 pieces
Basil chopped
1 bunch
Extra virgin olive oil
3 tablespoons
Parsley chopped
1 pinch
as needed
Chili pepper
as needed
as needed



Clean and eviscerate the baby squid, cutting off the beak and eyes.


Blanch, peel, and remove the seeds from the tomatoes, then chop coarsely (concassè). Cut 2 cloves of garlic into slices and fry in 4 tablespoons of oil with a pinch of oregano and chili pepper. Pan fry the squid, cut into rings, over a high heat, add the diced tomatoes, and cook for 3 minutes.


Cook the Barilla Linguine Fini in salted water, drain when al dente, stir-fry with the sauce, and sprinkle with chopped parsley and basil.

Chef's tips

The baby squid may be substituted for regular squid, which has a slightly tougher texture but is equally exquisite. The baby squid may be purchased frozen. The ice crystals that form during freezing make the flesh more tender. Use a few chunks of whole tentacle to garnish the dish. Sprinkle the basil at the last minute to prevent it from blackening as it oxidizes.

Suggested wine

For this dish of spicy, lingering aromas, we recommend a fresh aromatic wine, such as a Vernaccia di San Gimignano from Tuscany or a white Solopaca from Campania.

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