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Barilla can advise you even when you are looking for something more than pasta. From appetizers to dessert, here's your menu.

Vegetable quiche, zucchini-based first courses, tasty cakes: spring menus to forget a long winter.

  • Vegetarian Flavours

    The pleasure of a menu consisting mainly of vegetables, to surprise everyone, including those who are not vegetarians 
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  • A Colourful Fantasy

    Have you invited a lot of guests? Would you like to offer them a delicious menu? Here is a tempting proposal that is simple, but sure to please 
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  • Sporty Flavours

    A menu bursting with energy, transforming sports into occasions that are rich in taste and flavours 
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Cold pasta recipes, fantasy salads, eggplant rolls, fruit salads and ice creams: fresh and delicate tastes to enjoy the summer.

  • Children, it's Dinner Time!

    This menu is designed entirely with children in mind. With its magical combination of colours and flavours, you will surprise them with wonderful, nutritious dishes 
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  • Surprise Menu

    A few suggestions for a casual menu that can be prepared at the last minute and is perfect for unexpected guests 
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New flavours with mushrooms, nuts and truffle, game and chestnut cakes: autumn is the right season to discover woody flavours.

  • Fall Desire

    When the forest is tinged with fall colours and the ground is covered in a blanket of crisp, colourful leaves, this is the time for savouring mushrooms 
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  • Abruzzo in Fall

    The traditional pastoral recipes of Abruzzo are particularly suited to the fall: cold meats, grilled lamb, homemade bread, and lots of vegetables 
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  • Everyday Recipes

    Simple cuisine, Mediterranean traditions, and delicate flavours are the ingredients that make up this menu, which is suitable for every day of the week 
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Lasagne, roast meat, pies, chocolate cakes: a selection of hearty and strong flavours to warm you up on cold winter days.

  • Family Meals

    The dinner table is the traditional family meeting place. Sitting down to a menu that is different from the norm makes this a much more enjoyable and engaging ritual. 
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  • New Year's Eve Menu

    The most magical evening of the year deserves a special menu, with light seafood recipes, perfect for awaiting midnight with friends 
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