New Year's Eve Menu

The most magical evening of the year deserves a special menu with light seafood recipes, perfect as you await midnight with friends. This menu begins with an appetizer of swordfish carpaccio, flavoured with slices of orange. In a surprising first course, and because the New Year cannot be celebrated without lentils, these are featured next, together with shrimp, followed by squid kabobs on a bed of arugula leaves and a capricious arugula and sautéed dried fruit salad. To finish, a Panettone filled with mascarpone cream.


Swordfish Carpaccio with Oranges

To commence your New Year's dinner, how about a swordfish appetizer, an unusual version of one of the most characteristic dishes of Mediterranean cuisine, flavoured with fresh oranges.

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First Course

Farfalle with Prawns and Lentils

A tasty, easy to make recipe that will certainly make an impression.

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Second Course (Main Course)

Squid Kabobs on a Bed of Arugula

Light and tasty, squid kabobs served on a bed of arugula are the ideal main course for a New Year's dinner with friends.

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Side Dish

Arugula Salad with Sautéed Dried Fruit and Balsamic Vinegar

To accompany the kabobs, a fresh, crisp arugula salad enhanced with dried fruit that has been pan-fried with balsamic vinegar.

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Panettone with Mascarpone Cream

A substantial and spectacular dessert finishes off the New Year's menu: a Panettone filled with a delicious mascarpone cream with chocolate shavings.

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