Vegetarian Flavours

Discover the pleasure of a menu consisting mainly of vegetables, together with eggs and cheese, which will be an extraordinary surprise even for those who are not vegetarians.


Whole Wheat Crostini with Spinach and Mozzarella Cheese

To begin, the taste of simplicity: crostini with spinach and buffalo mozzarella, the oven will do the rest.

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First Course

Farfalle with Tomato and Ricotta Cheese in a Cream of Dried Fruit

Farfalle, one of the best-loved specialties, are the ideal shape for this simple yet creative recipe starring the traditional tomato and enriched with an appetizing nut-based cream.

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Second Course (Main Course)

Tri-Colour Vegetable Omelet

Delicate and delicious, this colourful dish will bring joy to your table and will surprise your guests with its unexpected goodness.

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Side Dish

Fennel with Saffron and Peas

A light and tasty side dish that is flavoured with the unmistakable tones of saffron.

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Rose-Scented Coconut Cake

The delicate flavour and unusual ingredients evoke a touch of the exotic to complete this menu, which was designed for those who love vegetables and more delicate flavours.

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