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Barilla PLUS® Rotini

Rotini means "twists" and are two-inch lengths of thick screw-like pasta from Northern Italy. The shape was inspired by children, since it is fun to eat and pairs well with a wide variety of sauces.

Barilla PLUS® Rotini


The twists of Rotini allow it to hold more sauce. They may be enjoyed with your favourite pasta salad dishes or paired with tasty tomato-based sauces.

PLUS pairs well with tomato-based sauces and sauces with lots of fresh vegetables. Oil-based sauces work well with all PLUS shapes. Typically we do not recommend using meat-based sauces with PLUS shapes.

How to use

Cook Barilla PLUS® in boiling water 11 minutes, then drain and serve according to the recipe directions. For more tender pasta, boil an additional minute. Due to its higher protein content Barilla PLUS® takes several extra minutes to cook than traditional pasta.