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Barilla La Collezione Spaghetti Lunghi

Barilla La Collezione Spaghetti Lunghi

In line with the ancient and authentic traditional spaghetti of Naples, Barilla brings you Spaghetti Lunghi, a long version of spaghetti that gets its cooking strength from high quality ingredients and will always stay al dente to the last bite.

Barilla La Collezione Spaghetti Lunghi


Spaghetti Lunghi is a 50 cm long pasta delight.  Try Spaghetti Lunghi in your favourite pasta recipe and let its length cultivate your creativity in the kitchen.

How to use

Spaghetti Lunghi is best prepared with light vegetable sauces, or seafood based sauces.  Barilla recommends a pasta dish with a sauce of calamari, tomatoes, basil and white wine.  Or try the famous "midnight pasta with Spaghetti Lunghi" which is prepared with fresh tomatoes, anchovies and olive oil.  All of these recipes will delight your friends and family at the dinner table.