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Barilla La Collezione Lasagne all'Uovo

Barilla La Collezione Lasagne all'Uovo

In the ancient, prestigious city of Bologna, the richness of its cuisine makes a statement about celebrating and loving life. This city's passion is perfectly expressed in its Lasagne Bolognese. The delicate layers of pasta dough absorb and enhance traditional sauces, such as Bolognese sauce.

Barilla La Collezione Lasagne all'Uovo


Lasagne is cut into rectangles of pasta dough, and skillfully rolled out to guarantee the perfect consistency and thickness required to absorb and enhance a sauce. Barilla Lasagne is also ready in just 20 minutes when baked in the oven. Perfect results in just a few minutes.

How to use

Barilla suggests that you try new lasagne recipes that use vegetables or different types of cheeses. For example, Lasagne with Gorgonzola cheese, broccoli and walnuts, or with saffron and seasonal vegetables. If you prefer more traditional lasange recipes, then prepare a classic Bolognese sauce for the dish.
Tip: To enhance Lasagne's rich and thick pasta dough, try a Bolognese sauce with the addition of a bechamel sauce.