The traditional flavour in all combinations

Tradition and innovation, quality and fantasy, reliability and creativity

Pasta is all of this and more. Barilla knows this, having produced durum-wheat pasta for more than 100 years, paying the utmost attention to quality, just as it has always done, as well as selecting the best durum wheat and carrying out all the production processes up to the final check in the most efficient way possible. Such care results in great pasta with an ideal texture that is able to hold up perfectly to cooking, which leads to the best results in all recipes.


Simple and essential according to the best habits. Good pasta is a pleasure to enjoy every day. That's why Barilla only uses the best wheat, water and its great passion.


Barilla's wide range includes more than 70 different shapes, each of which has been carefully developed to be cooked and to combine perfectly with a range of dressings, from the simplest to the most refined. Barilla pasta makes any recipe unique, from the most traditional shapes such as Bucatini or Rigoni, to exciting varieties like Farfalle or Fusilli. Whether it is long or short, with a smooth or grooved surface, its pleasant taste and "al dente" texture will please even the most discerning palates.  Barilla pasta, with its exclusive "Blu box", a tailor-made colour, is one of the most traditional made-in-Italy products. It is like a blue treasure chest with the colour of both sea and sky, helping you to create new dishes and bringing to your table the traditional taste of Mediterranean cuisine. If you love pasta and you want to give your friends and family the pleasure of Italian original flavoury meals, find out the shape that best fits your needs. Whether you are looking for traditional pasta or pasta in broth, oven pasta or cold pasta salad, Barilla always has the perfect solution that will transform an everyday meal into a party.