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The evolution of pasta thickness is an exciting part of the history of pasta. Spaghettoni has a broader diameter than Spaghetti, and is the perfect pair to all types of sauces, particularly those with fresh, full-bodied ingredients.



Spaghettoni has the long shape typical of a Spaghetti and is ideal for pairing with all types of sauces, from the simple to very complex. Spaghettoni served all dente provides the unparalled harmony that links a delicious pasta meal together.

How to use

The thick shape of Barilla's Spaghettoni makes it perfect for seafood based sauces, or ones with spicy notes. For seafood lovers, try Barilla Spaghettoni with a leek and shrimp sauce. For those who want simplicity and comfort, try Spaghettoni with a simple tomato and basil (Basilico) sauce.