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Rigatoni is one of the largest pasta shapes and was first created in Rome. It's no coincidence that they were the focus of a now-classic commercial filmed in 1985 by Federico Fellini for Barilla. Many will remember the sophisticated lady who, when given a menu rich in dishes with pompous French names, surprised the waiter by simply ordering "Rigatoni"



Rigatoni pairs well with everything from hearty meat sauces to refined vegetable sauces.  Also, Rigatoni's internal cavity helps retain sauce, making it an ideal foundation for classic baked pasta dishes.  Barilla recommends Rigatoni combined with a Bolognese sauce and mushrooms.

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Rigatoni originated in Rome are are highly regarded for its versatility in recipes.  Rigatoni match perfectly with every type of sauce, especially meat sauces and tomato sauces.