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Penne Rigate

Penne Rigate

Penne Rigate, the "quill" shaped pasta with ridges, is loved throughout the Italian Peninsula. Did you know that Penne Rigate is called "spole" in Umbria and "maltagliati" in the South? Now a food phenomenon, Penne Rigate is known for its versatility with recipes and occasions, from a traditional family lunch or formal adult dinner.  Try Penne Rigate with a traditional meat sauce or spicy Arrabbiata sauce.

Penne Rigate


Penne is known for its oblique "quill" like shape; a shape that has won over generations of pasta lovers, thanks to its versatility. Penne Rigate represent the penne with a ridged surface.  Those who love Penne Rigate praise its ability to retain sauces. 


How to use

Penne Rigate are a perfect match for every kind of sauce, from traditional meat or tomato-based sauces, to the most innovative and original vegetable and cheese-based sauces. With their slender ridges, they are ideal for baked pasta dishes to please everyone at the dinner table. Penne Rigate's slim shape also goes well with more elaborate recipes, such as the classic dish "Penne alla Boscaiola" (Penne Woodsman-style).