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Penne Lisce

Penne Lisce

Penne Lisce's versatility lends itself to being present at many a dinner table. You'll find it at formal dinner parties, traditional family meals, or a casual dinner with a last minute-gathering of friends.  For something a little adventerous, try Barilla Penne Lisce in a Arrabbiata Sauce.


Penne Lisce


Penne is known for its oblique "quill" like shape; a shape that has won over generations of pasta lovers, thanks to its versatility. Penne Lisce represents the smooth, unridged version of Penne.  Those who love Penne Lisce enjoy the elegant sensation that smooth pasta can offer on the palate.

How to use

Try pairing Penne Lisce with a variety of tomato based sauces.  You'll find that Penne Lisce enhances the subtle herb differences across different sauces.  For a more adventurous eater, try Penne Lisce "alla Mandracchio", which is made with anchovies, onions and cherry tomatoes.  No matter what recipe you use, Penne Lisce will amaze you every time.