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Farfalle are made from pasta dough that is cut into small squares and "pinched" in the middle. They have a soft surface that appeals to the palate, with a thicker middle and thinner ends: a true pleasure for gourmets. One of the most cheerful pasta shapes in a kitchen, Farfalle flit from flavour to flavour, adapting themselves to the most varied taste combinations.



They are light and lively, just like real butterflies, but their luminous colour is the colour of wheat and sun. There is nothing better than Barilla Farfalle to colour your table with a touch of imagination: their smooth surface makes them particularly suitable for pairing with light and delicate vegetable-based sauces.

How to use

With their cheerful "butterfly" shape, Barilla Farfalle is a crowd pleaser in tasty pasta salads, and are a perfect match for traditional or creative sauces. To enhance the lively nature of Farfalle, Barilla recommends enjoying them with cherry tomatoes and mint, a simple dish with layers of flavour. And to amaze your guests, prepare our Farfalle in sauce made of béchamel, tomato sauce and butter.