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Conchiglie Rigate

Conchiglie Rigate

Conchiglie Rigate can be found at any meal occassion, thanks to its versatility to pair with all types of sauces. Inspired by the sea, it is probably one of the best recognized shapes worldwide. Try Conchiglie Rigate in your favorite pasta dish recipe.

Conchiglie Rigate


Conchiglie Rigate has a graceful, concave shape and a ridged exterior surface that invites sauce to cling to the pasta.
A true masterpiece of culinary art.

How to use

Conchiglie Rigate embraces all types of sauces, from basic sauces to traditional Italian recipes.  Conchiglie Rigate also works wonderfully in rich, baked dishes, with its large cavity retaining all of the sauces delicious sauce flavors. Try Conchiglie Rigate in a traditional Pugliese recipe, with mussels and a broccoli rabe sauce, topped with cherry tomatoes.  A true symphony of Mediterranean flavours and colours.