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Originally from Italy's Central-Northern regions, Capellini is also known as Angel Hair or Venus Hair,  because of their delicate, elegant shape.



Capellini are long, golden strings of pasta that are thin and delicate. However, they easily keep their shape in even the hottest broths, curling themselves into fantastic shapes. But they are at their best in sauce-based dishes, where they enhance all the flavours of the ingredients by enfolding them in their long strands.

How to use

Capellini prefer light sauces, that won't weigh down the pasta. For example, a very simple sauce based on fresh tomatoes, olive oil and basil. For a more intriguing dish, Barilla suggests Capellini with Olives and Clams, a very aromatic recipe, layered with flavours of the Mediterrranean. Capellini also performs wonderfully in soups and baked pasta dishes.