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Linguine Fini

Linguine Fini

 Linguine Fini is a smaller version of the well-known Linguine. Linguine Fini, with its long, flattened shape, is well suited for those who love lighter pasta sauces.


Linguine Fini


Linguine Fini is similar to Spaghettini, but have a flattened, slightly convex shape that is ideal for featuring the richness of a sauce.

How to use

Linguine Fini prefers lighter sauces, based on olive oil and fresh tomatoes, but are also often enjoyed with seafood sauces.  Barilla recommends trying Linguine Fini with a sauce made of capers, olives and anchovies.  For those who enjoy seafood, try Linguine Fini with a Calabrian recipe that combines baby calamari with fresh tomatoes.